Jaydene du Preez

Counselling Psychologist

MA Soc. Sciences (UFH) Hon. Psych (UNISA)
BMus (UNISA) DipABRSM (Teaching) DipABRSM (Performance)
PS 0139190



Narrative and Collaborative Therapy

Therapy is offered from the perspective that stories inform life.

Stories are seen to hold us together and keep us apart. We inhabit the great stories of our culture. We live through stories. We are lived by the stories of our race and place (Roberts).
Indeed…  We are the stories we tell ourselves (Joan Didion).

The focus of therapy is thus to listen for the dominant, problem saturated stories people tell of themselves and that others tell of them and then for these stories to be re-authored. In this way, thicker, more descriptive stories can be told by individuals.

Like two sailors on a boat, therapist and client are seen to work together to re-search and re-tell these stories, always valuing the client's wisdom and experiences as the artists of their own painting.

The use of art, metaphor and other creative expression is a regular companion on this journey.

Couples Therapy

Couple’s therapy may be a difficult subject to raise, especially in an unhealthy relationship. But it is one of the greatest tools available to couples who are facing difficulties. The main purpose for couples counselling is to have two people in a room with a neutral mediator and to try to make sense of what is going on in a respectful, calm way.

Couple’s therapy is a form of therapy that aims to support people in intimate relationships. Therapy may be useful for couples considering the possibility of separation or those seeking an improved connection and more understanding in their relationship. While the relationship between the partners is the primary focus in couple’s counselling, each partner is also encouraged to explore possibilities for themselves of self-improvement and self-awareness. 



Psycho-Educational Assessments

These are offered to children who are not coping at school or who are not getting adequate grades and don’t enjoy school. Testing takes place by way of an IQ test and various other tests/scales depending on the presenting problem. These tests provide valuable information for understanding how children learn and why they may not be making progress at school.  

Workshop Facilitation

Workshops are offered in narrative and collaborative training.

A number of topics relevant to therapy and psychological well-being are also offered.

Please inquire if you wish for a particular topic to be covered.


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